The transition to digital has modernized building design, construction, renovation and operation practices. It improves the yield and quality of projects.

The single digital model transforms the relational and organizational modes of those working in the construction sector.

This technology has a high impact on interoperability, file exchange formats, but also on traceability and the responsibilities of engineers and technicians.

It makes the project stakeholders interact in the design-build process.

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A solution that is useful throughout the building’s life cycle

Our ambition is to be by your side during the project from design to delivery, to supply project managers complete modeling that can be used for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of the building.

The unique digital model is also a determining tool if the equipment is taken down.


Our teams of specialists have recognized skill sets and are made up of engineering and construction experts.  They cover project management in the urban or industrial building sectors and civil engineering.

Proximity, reactivity, attentiveness and quality of service are the pillars of our action.

Jean-Pierre Moioli
BIM System SAS – CEO (Fontenay-sous-Bois)
Auxitec Bâtiment SAS – Delegate Director

Rodrigo Morales
BIM System SAS – Operations Director (Fontenay-sous-Bois)

« A solution that is useful for buildings throughout their life cycle »
Jean-Elie Dandjinou
CEO - Auxitec Bâtiment SAS
« A collaborative tool to accompany projects from design to the operational phase »
Christian Noel
Delegate Director - Auxitec Bâtiment SAS
« An exemplary level of coordination for all players »
Eric Communal
Establishment Director - Auxitec Bâtiment SAS (Fontenay-sous-Bois)